About Us

Chidiac Plastic System s.a.r.l. is a plastics manufacturing company that specializes in watering and irrigation systems as well as electrical pipelines. Our products include PE irrigation pipes, PE electrical tubes, PVC hoses, drip line irrigation pipes, plastic fitting accessories and garden supplies.

Founded in 2001, our vision is to become the leading suppliers of plastic irrigation systems and construction pipelines. This is why we strive to provide our customers with the highest degree of reliability from quality control to customer care.

Situated in the hillside Blat District, our headquarters are just 35 Kilometers away from Beirut, placing us at a close proximity to serve the entire country. Our facilities are comprised of two manufacturing plants, one building for administrative offices, multiple warehouses and a large front yard used for storage as well as dispatch and distribution. Our most recent expansion was an underground storage facility located at the edge of the Fidar Highway, granting our customers and suppliers ease of access for loading and unloading of products.

Refer to the map below to find the ChidiacPlast HQ.